Winners of Week #1 Fill A Sheet Drawing

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Congratulations to Week #1 Fill a Sheet Drawing!

  • Telescope- Duncan Lattanzio T-483
  • GPS System- Will Crosby P-286
  • Fishing Rod & Reel – Andrew Pasek P- 468
  • Walkie Talkie- Jason Johnson P-529

Get your sheets in for next Monday!

100 Years of Scouting National Logo Contest

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Be part of history! Participate in our 100th Anniversary logo contest. Open to all registered Scouts, entries are due by Nov. 30, 2007.

Popcorn for Scouting Blitz Week!

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Sunday, Sept 9 — Sunday, Sept 16

To make Popcorn for Scouting work for your Scouting program we are introducing a 1-week blitz campaign. Go to this link and download the Special Blitz Week Form.

Scouts who add to their Popcorn for Scouting fund raiser through this special 1-week campaign can win special prizes.

Free Summer Camp
$50 Scout Bucks
SSR Camp Apparel

Blitz Week Program Rules:

  1. A Scout is…Trustworthy. Each Scout and Parent is expected to act honorably and only use this form for sales attained during Blitz Week. Cheating does not represent Scouting values.
  2. Use this form in conjunction with the Popcorn for Scouting 2007 Fundraiser
  3. Completed forms count toward overall Popcorn for Scouting orders and must be entered into the entire unit order at the end of the fundraiser.
  4. To be eligible for prizes during Blitz Week, the forms must be submitted according to the prize/date schedule below:First Prize
    Due: Tuesday, September 11, 2007 at 1:00 PM
    Free Summer CampSecond Prize
    Due: Thursday, September 13, 2007 at 1:00 PM
    $50 Scout BucksThird Prize
    Due: Monday, September 17, 2007 at 10:00 AM
    SSR Apparel
  5. Submission of form is not a guarantee of prize. Prizes will be raffled directly after Due Date and Time and be awarded that day.
  6. Only complete forms will be entered into prize raffle, be honest. Scout must sign declaration at bottom of form.
  7. Drawing of prizes will be done by GNFC Council Scout Executive; awarding of prizes is final.
  8. Scout will be recognized on GNFC Website, email correspondence, letters to executive board, and local newspaper announcements.

Instructions for Blitz Week

  1. Completed form need to be turned into GNFC Council Service Center (In Person or Via Fax at 716-891-4008) by outlined dates and times below:
  2. Act responsibly and obey rules for Popcorn for Scouting program in Council, District, Unit and Family.
  3. This form does not replace main Popcorn for Scouting order form; please remember to place the order through unit either using this form or copying orders to main form (do not duplicate orders)
  4. Sign form before submission, only signed forms will be accepted into raffle.
  5. Good luck and make your Popcorn for Scouting program fun!

The following days are marked as Popcorn Special Days.

Tuesday, September 11th – Support Our Troops Day – sell a $25 donation to our military
Saturday, September 15th – Caramel Corn Sticky Saturday – sell a tin of Caramel Corn
Sunday, September 23rd – Cheesy Sunday – sell a tin of Cheese Lover’s Delight
Wednesday, September 26th – Chocolate Lover’s Day – sell a in of 5-way Chocolate Lover’s
Saturday, October 6th – Unbelievable Saturday – sell a 15-Pack of Unbelievable Butter Microwave Popcorn
Thursday, October 11th – Chocolately Caramel Crunchy Thursday – sell a tin of Chocolately Caramel Crunch
Sunday, October 14th – Kettle Corn Day – sell a 15-Pack of Microwave Kettle Corn
Saturday, October 20th – Savory and Sweet Saturday – sell a Savory and Sweet 3-way tin

St. Paul’s Church Bulletin Insert

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Download the St. Paul’s Church Bulletin Insert – print it, and hand some out to your friends.  If you recruit a new member, you earn the Recruiter Strip!

Recruiter strip