Popcorn Sale Starts September 1st

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Just a reminder that starting Monday, September 1st, you can begin selling popcorn to support your year of Scouting! Be sure to be neatly dressed in your Class A uniform and have a parent with you when you’re selling. Here are some tips to help you get going:

(while smiling) Hi, my name’s ______________. I’m with St. Paul’s Cub Scout Pack 529. I’m raising money for all of the great things we’re doing this year. Will you help me? (smile)

If they say yes, show them all of the great products. Make sure you’re familiar with what you’re selling! Suggest your favorite (something on the top row). As they’re looking things over, tell them, “I’m just taking orders right now; I don’t need any money until I deliver the popcorn, right before Thanksgiving.”

When they tell you what they want, say “Great! Could you just write down your name, address and phone number here on my order form?” and hand them the order form and a pen. The order form can be confusing, so help them if necessary. Make sure you double-check what they wrote down compared to what they told you they wanted. Again remind them that you’ll be back right before Thanksgiving to collect the money (tell them how much) and to deliver their order. Then THANK THEM FOR SUPPORTING CUB SCOUTING!

If they say they don’t like popcorn, suggest the Military Donation, where they can give $25 and have popcorn sent to the troops.

If they buy from someone else, or are not interested, don’t be discouraged! Say “Thanks anyway – have a great day” and head onto the next house.

We will be doing a popcorn blitz on September 17th. 2 Scouts and a parent or leader will be selling to the homes around St. Paul’s school. This is an excellent opportunity to build experience and work away at the $300 goal set for each Scout!

If you need popcorn order forms, you can pick them up at the September 10th meeting or e-mail Mr. Eric to get them sooner!

2008 – 2009 Program Year Presentation

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Here is a copy of the presentation of what we have planned for the 2008 – 2009 Scouting program.