The Webelos 1 den is working on their Scholar badge this month; when learning about Scholar, the boys should learn about teaching, as well as learning. Therefore, at the February 25th den meeting, I’m asking that the boys teach the den something. They can teach us how to tie a square knot, how to make a grilled cheese sandwich, or how to write and talk in Pig Latin. All suggestions must be approved by me, first! I will not allow all 8 boys to teach a sports-related lesson, so think of others. As an example, on Wednesday the 11th I’ll teach the boys 5 different ways to start a fire.

In addition, please have your Webelo I take his book into school and get parts 2 and 4 signed off by his teacher.

Parts 9 and 12 were done at the February 4th den meeting. If you missed this meeting, please complete parts 9 and 12 (2 other parts chosen from 9, 10, 11, and 12). Part 13 should also be completed this month (just tell me about it).