Spar Bowling Setup

Spar Bowling

Equipment needed:

  1. 4 throwing spars
  2. King Pin (medium log)
  3. Rock
  4. 10 pins (small-medium logs)

PVC equipment can be made for more permanent game pieces, but loses the lovely sounds knocking wood makes

Team 1 throws all 4 spars trying to knock down the opposite team’s pins. Opposing team (hereafter “Team 2”) throws any pins that were knocked over onto Team 1’s side. Team 1 then sets up the pins on their side. These can be set up on either end of the pin. The pins stood up by Team 1 must first be knocked over by Team 2 before any pin in the back row maybe knocked down. If any of Team 1’s back 5 pins are knocked over before the thrown pins, they must be reset and await the falling of the thrown pins. This process continues for the remainder of the match.

It is now important to discuss the role of the “King Pin.” Once all the back pins on one side have been knocked over, any one with a spar can throw for the King Pin. The team who knocks down the King Pin is the winner of the match.

There are two items that remain to be mentioned: the acquisition of spars during play by the non-throwing team and the throwing line when the throwing team fails to knock down the thrown pins.

Spar Bowling (in play)

Once Team 1 (referencing figure 2) has thrown a spar, Team 2 may pick it up if they can do so without stepping onto the court. From our example (fig 2) we can clearly see that on the edge of the court is more “grab-able” than the one in the middle. It is in such a manner that Team 2 will be able to acquire spars during game-play (and can throw at the King Pin at the appropriate time). Moving on to our second point; if Team 1 is unable to knock down the thrown pins, the line of the furthest thrown pin is Team 2’s new throwing line. This means that Team 2 may now throw, or drop, any knocked over pins onto Team 1’s side in addition to throwing over spars from this new line.

One final point of interest is the King Pin during and after game-play. During game-play, if the King Pin is knocked over, it is an automatic loss for the throwing team. If it is knocked over by a thrown spar or a thrown pin, it does not make a difference. After game-play, when the king pin has been knocked down after all of Team 1 or 2’s pins have been tumbled, and it is unclear which team was first to hit the King Pin, whichever side the rock on top of the King Pin falls is the winning side. The only makes a difference in the event of an apparent tie. If it was obvious which team has won, the rock is of no consequence.

While the name of the game is spar bowling, the name of the game is safety. It is always better to walk away the loser than to be carried away by the paramedics as the victor.

Spar Bowling (PDF)