The purpose of the blue and gold banquet is to celebrate the pack’s anniversary, thank pack leaders and other adults who have helped the pack, and inspire our leaders, Scouts, and parents. This year will be on Saturday, March 16th, starting at 4:00 in the afternoon. Volunteers, please be sure to arrive to help get started by 3:30 or so. If you’re coming this year, please be sure to arrive at around 4:00 or so, as we’re going to begin promptly at 4:15 with our opening ceremony. Since this is our most formal activity of the year, please be sure that your boy comes dressed in his Class A uniform.

This year the B&G banquet will include a number of activities. We’re bringing in professional entertainment (can you say reptiles?) to keep the kids (and the parents) amused. This is also the day for the Webelos II to Cross Over into Boy Scouts, and the Boy Scouts in Troop 529 will be welcoming several of our boys into the Troop. This is an important event for these boys, as it means a big change from an Adult-led cub scout pack to Scout-led activities and organization.

An important note is that the Blue & Gold dinner is not the final event for the Pack this year – only the last time that we’ll have our Webelos II Dens. Next Wednesday will be a normal Den meeting for the Tigers through to the Webelos I’s, and we have plenty of activities planned for the remainder of the year.