** August 28 – the Pack is Back!

This week, August 28th, we start back into our fall activities fast and hard with our first meeting of the year. And this meeting is one of the most important ones of the year – the start of our popcorn fundraising season. Unlike many other organizations, our pack keeps to only one fundraising activity a year to provide for the financing to fund all of the activities we have planned. And this year we have lots of fun activities planned, including:
* Pack overnight, including the Webelos overnight in the battleship U.S.S. Little Rock.
* Visit to the Kazoo Factory
* Archery at Gander Mountain
* Sky Zone
* Pinewood Derby
* Hiking at the Niagara Gorge and elsewhere
* Bison’s Game
* Model Rockets
* Cave of the Winds
* Something every month!

This Wednesday we’ll be handing out popcorn to the boys, so that they can start selling right away. We’ll have details on how to sell, what they’re going to be able to sell, and how much they need to sell to avoid any out of pocket expenses. It’s important that you and your son show up so that we can give you all of the necessary details for the popcorn sale.

** September 18 – Mandatory Parents Meeting/Fall Roundup

September 4th is an “off” day, since it’s the first week of school and everyone is very busy recovering from Labor Day weekend. But we’ll be having our first Den Activity night on September 11, and then the week following we will be having a mandatory meeting for all Parents or Guardians of our scouts. This will allow us to go over upcoming activities for the year and work through administrative details with everyone in the same place. Please mark this on your calendar.

The 18th is also the day for your son to bring a friend to their den meeting. Remember, the more kids we have in the Pack, the better things go, and the more fun everyone has. This is especially true if a scout brings a friend to the pack. We’ll remind the boys about it at our pack meeting, but be sure to prompt your son as well.

September Activities
* On September 27, the cubs (Tigers, Wolves, Bears) will be staying overnight in the Gym at St. Paul’s. This is a boy/parent activity.
* On September 28, everyone will be meeting at the Power Vista for tours and activities, All are welcome!
* On September 29, the Webelos (I & II) will be staying overnight in the U.S.S. Little Rock. Certainly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Other news
* Parents and Leaders meeting on September 8th at Panera Bread Company at 6:30, at their 1747 Sheridan Drive location (Near Delaware Road). We’ll be planning out our program for September and October, and will be needing volunteers for these activities. Remember, things get a lot more complicated as the year progresses, so volunteer for something early in the year before you get volunteered for something big!
* Be sure to like us on Facebook. We often use this as an informal means of communicating about fun things coming up. You can also sign up for our email newsletter list via our website home page, www.stpaulspack529.com.

** Feedback

If there’s something you’d like to see in this newsletter, please let me know! E-mail jonathan@stpaulspack529.com (mailto:jonathan@stpaulspack529.com) . If you want to follow some of the activities of our Scouts on a day-to-day basis, here’s a link to our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pack529 or our web site: http://www.stpaulspack529.com

** Calendar
Our calendar is always available at our website, http://www.stpaulspack529.com/pack-529-calendar/

Upcoming Meetings
August 28 – Popcorn Kickoff
September 4 – Off
September 11 – Den Meeting
September 18 – Fall Roundup

Looking Ahead…
September 8 – Parents and Leaders Meeting
September 27 – Cubs Overnight
September 28 – Power Vista Pack Meetup
September 28 – Webelos Overnight