April and May – What’s coming up

April started out warm, and while it got a little cold it’s warming up again, and Scouting is warming up again for the year with our outdoor program getting a little more exciting. Outing is an important part of Scouting, and the warm weather makes it possible to get outside more often.

April Pack Meeting

This month’s Pack Meeting is on April 23rd, but will not be at St. Paul’s, as they are using both the Gym and the Ephesians room. We’re trying to coordinate facilities and will let everyone know with an update.

Pack Hike

April’s activity is a hike along the Niagara Gorge, We’ll be meeting at 11:00am at the Devil’s Hole parking lot (here is the location on Google Maps),  We’ll walk down along the Gorge for a mile or so, and come back up to the rim near Whirlpool State Park. We can stop for a snack at Whirlpool Park, then walk back along the rim to our cars. This is an amazing trail, with a great view of Ontario over the river, a cave (no bears, I hope), and lots of trees and sunlight. After we hike the trail we’ll stop for a picnic lunch and some quality time with our Pack Family. Bring outdoor games, like frisbee’s or a soccer ball. This is an event that is included in our regular program, so please be sure to come.

Bison’s Game

Friday, May 2nd is the annual Boy Scout Appreciation Night & Campout at the Bison’s field. This is a lot of fun – seats at the Bison’s ball game, then fireworks. For those who choose to, Scouts set up their tents in the outfield and watch a movie on the jumbotron, then go to sleep for a night on the field.

We’ll be doing a signup for anyone who wants to go and buy the seats in the same section at the same time. The price is $9.75 for a seat for the game, and $17.75 for the seat and campout package. More information on the campout can be found here.

Model Rocket Launch

On May 7th at our den meeting, we’ll be building model rockets this year as our recruiting activity for the spring roundup. Every boy gets a model rocket, including guests. We’ll be encouraging our scouts to invite a friend who might be interested in scouting to come to the Wednesday Meeting to do a build, then Saturday the 10th at 11:00 we’ll be doing our launch.

Boys who RSVP with the pack will be able to launch their own rockets, so the sooner they let us know the better. This is also an event that is part of our annual program and so is covered in regular dues.

Other news

  • Parents and Leaders meeting on April 21 at Tim Hortons at Delaware Road/Sheridan in Tonawanda. We will meet at 6:30 and spend time planning for the next several months of activities. We’re always done by 8pm.
  • We have a new system called Troop Track, as we have been disappointed with the way the Scout Manage software worked. We’ll be following up with everyone in May to make sure that everyone is up to date on their scout’s status and knows what’s going on for the year.
  • Be sure to like us on Facebook. We often use this as an informal means of communicating about fun things coming up. You can also sign up for our email newsletter list via our website home page, www.stpaulspack529.com.