Hey Parents and Scouters! Summer is totally awesome! I hope that everyone is enjoying it as much as I am, and that your Scouts are getting lots of fresh air and a little bit too much Ice Cream for their own good.

First and foremost, our planning meeting is coming up this Sunday, July 13, at 6:30pm. We’ll meet at the Panera Bread company at the corner of Delaware Road and Sheridan Drive. The main thing for this meeting is to go over the suggestions from the brainstorming session at our Summer Campout, figure out what we want to do and get it planned into the upcoming year’s schedule. If you can’t make any other sessions, please make this one.

Next Saturday, July 19th, we’re going to be checking out the Cave of the Winds:

  • Meet at 9:30 at the entrance to the Cave of the Winds.
  • The fee is $8/person, which is a special group rate extended to Scouts. The normal fee for this is $12/person, so this is an awesome deal!
  • I’m going to be honest. Plan on getting wet. So if you have sandals, wear ’em. Bring dry clothes to change into after, especially if you’re going to check out the hurricane deck.
  • Quick quote from Captain Obvious: “Check out the hurricane deck!”
  • Once we are done with the Cave of the Winds, we’ll have a picnic lunch at the other end of Goad Island. Bring a lunch, snacks to share and an outdoor game. We’ll plan on having fun for the day.