September is almost done, and we’re looking forward to a long month – that means 5 Wednesdays (including our Halloween Party) and TWO outings this month, one on Columbus Day and another one the following weekend. And of course, almost all of our outings are family-friendly, meaning that we welcome siblings for the events. That
Niagara Falls AFB Visit


As I am sure that most residents of the region know, Niagara Falls has an Air Force base, home of several Air Force Units, including the 107th and the 914th. Of special note are the C-130 Hercules huge cargo aircraft that fly into and out of the AFB. We’ll be enjoying a tour of one of these awesome airplanes, along with the possibility of checking out another plane and maybe (if we’re lucky) an airport fire truck. Family members, including siblings, are invited; we’ll just need to know that they’re coming so that we can plan for it.

The tour will begin at 1:30pm at the Air Force base, which means that we’ll be meeting there at 1:15 so that we are all on time for the tour. Please note that we will need the name, drivers license #, and D/O/B for anyone who wants to go on this tour by no later than September 30.
Apple Picking


Nom, nom, nom. There’s nothing that says “fall” to our Upstate New York families than freshly picked apples from a local orchard, hand picked from local trees. We’re going to go apple picking as a group to Blackman Farms on Sunday, October 19 at 2:00pm. Here is a link to find directions on Google Maps.

Apple picking is a fun family activity – not only are apples a healthy snack, but it’s important for kids to learn where their food comes from. There is nothing more special than eating an apple freshly picked right off of the tree. It’s a great outdoor thing to do in the fall on a Sunday afternoon, and on your way home, pick up a giant halloween pumpkin and some squash for dinner from a roadside stand.