January 2015 Update

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Happy New Year Scouts!  After a great 2014 we are getting ready to get the new year going! We had a busy 2014 with an aquarium sleepover, apple picking, a UB football game sleepover and so much more! This year will be just as fun, exciting, and educational!

Chestnut Ridge Sledding

January 17th, will be the day we head out to Chestnut Ridge for some sledding. There will be snow this time! Arrive around 10am and be sure to bring your bicycle helmets and pack your own lunch. Bundle up for some fun!

Winter Camp Out

The winter camp out will be January 23-25 at Stonehaven, at the Niagara Cabin. All tigers, wolves, and bears attending need to bring their Akela with them. Be sure to pick up a supplies list for all of the things you will need for the trip. You can pick one up at a cub scout meeting. Also, have the trip paid for no later than January 21st to be sure you don’t lose your spot for the trip. While on the campout we will be snowshoeing, having outdoor campfires, and camping foods. Bring along some games to play while you’re hanging out in your cabins and prepare to have a lot of fun.

Camping List

  1. 2 pairs of waterproof boots
  2. Snow pants, not jeans, for outside play.
  3. Snow jacket
  4. 3-5 pairs of gloves
  5. 2 knit hats
  6. scarf or turtleneck
  7. Long underwear
  8. 2 long sleeved shirts
  9. 2 pairs of wool socks
  10. Inside shoes (crocs, slippers, sneakers)
  11. 3 pairs of underwear
  12. 2 pairs of regular socks
  13. A sweater or sweatshirt
  14. 3 tee shirts
  15. Pants for inside, jeans are ok.
  16. Sleeping bag
  17. Pillow
  18. Pajamas
  19. Towel and washcloth
  20. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  21. Comb or hairbrush
  22. Lip balm
  23. Flashlight
  24. Garbage bag for wet clothes
  25. Travel mug with lid
  26. Water bottle
  27. Books
  28. Boardgames

Pinewood Derby

For the January 21 Pack meeting we will be working on our pinewood derby cars, so be sure to bring it with you. If you have any tools to donate for the night for the scouts to use, please bring them along too. We are needing band saws, Dremels, wood carving tools, sandpaper, paintbrushes, and anything else that would help the boys get their cars built. We have paints that are available to use also. The race is scheduled for February 8 12pm-3pm.

Winter Campout – January 23 – 25

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Cub Scout Pack 529 is having their Winter Campout this year at Stonehaven, at the Niagara Cabin from Friday, January 23 at 5pm through Sunday, January 25th after breakfast. You can get to Stonehaven by following these directions in Google Maps.

The Winter Campout is our annual opportunity for Akela’s and their Scouts to get some binding time, and for the Scouts to play and experience a little bit of the cold by camping out in a cabin at BSA’s Camp Stonehaven. There will be plenty of activities, including (hopefully) an outdoor campfire, camping food, and lots of fun for everyone.

We’ll have an update for you in the next several days with additional details , but in the meantime here is a packing list and directions to the camp that you can print out: Winter 2015 Packing List