** September Pack Update!

First of all, just a reminder that this Wednesday is a Pack night, so encourage your boys to wear their Class A uniforms to school to show their spirit, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing them at our Pack meeting for awards and a scouting presentation.
** Fall Popcorn Sale

Hoping that everyone is doing a great job selling popcorn! There are great prizes, and the $600 level is an awesome crossbow, sure to be a great hit! Bring in any cash or checks that you have already collected and get them to our Popcorn Colonel (Jim Mohr) so that we can start applying the credit to your boy’s scout account. Remember, popcorn sales only go until the end of October, because we need to get our order in to council and get popcorn shipped to us by Thanksgiving.

If you are having a hard time making the sales, Mr. Jim suggested that we might consider doing a couple of neighborhood blitzes. If you’re interested (I know that I am) in this, let’s discuss after our Pack meeting this week and see if we can work up an additional schedule for this.
** Cub Overnight

I’ve got information on the Cub Overnight, so if your son is a Tiger, Wolf, or Bear and you’re coming this weekend, here are the details for you:
* Show up at the gym after dinner, like at 6:30 or so.
* If you’re not sure what to bring, there is a gear list that you can pick up at the Pack meeting this week.
* Besides your personal gear, bring a pad and a tent – this makes for an even better campout!
* We’ll have games and activities in the evening, turn in for the night, and get up bright and early in the morning for breakfast.
* You can expect to be home by 9:00 Saturday morning.
* Adults, please be sure to take the BSA Youth Protection (if you haven’t already): you can access it here. (http://www.scouting.org/Training/youthprotection.aspx)
** Power Vista Visit

And it’s a busy September, we’re going to be going to the Niagara Power Vista for their Wildlife Festival on Saturday the 28th. We’ll be meeting at the entrance to the Power Vista at 11:00. Details for you:
* Here’s a link to the brochure that the Power Vista published for the event (http://www.nypa.gov/vc/NiagaraPowerVista/PowerVista-WildlifeFest2013-Brochure.pdf) .
* Activities will include birds of prey, reptiles, an archery range, and Iroquois dancers.
* There’s going to be a rock climbing wall and even an air rifle range.
* Scouts can earn a free Wildlife Festival Patch.

Other news
* Parents and Leaders meeting on October 13 at Panera Bread Company at 6:30, at their 1747 Sheridan Drive location (Near Delaware Road). This time bring your mukluks and mufflers in case they kick us out again!
* Jim Mohr made up some videos for everyone on how to use the new Scout Manage system that we are using to track pack awards, finances, etc… Be sure to watch the videos, as Jim will be sending invitations to everyone. This will let everyone see their kids’ scout accounts and check on their progress through the ranks. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeSHQpCUycA&feature=c4-overview&list=UUrlScMpbVOpDidSC7orJ8nw)
* Be sure to like us on Facebook. We often use this as an informal means of communicating about fun things coming up. You can also sign up for our email newsletter list via our website home page, www.stpaulspack529.com.